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Day #23 Sharan Raj – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #23 Sharan Raj … a technical genius with a heartfelt mission too 🌹

Sharan Raj



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sharan Raj

A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a Good track record of successful management. Sharan Raj is educated to a very high level with extensive knowledge of all current Technical, Economic, social and regulatory issues. An inspiring and motivational person with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company he manages. He is able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth. Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience he will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. Right now, he is looking for a rare & exciting opportunity with an ambitious business that wants to grow.

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Day #22 Andrew MacDonald – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #22 Andrew MacDonald … Much Truth revealed here as to how it all is 🌹

Andrew MacDonald



Conscious Living Global introduces, Andrew MacDonald

Truth, Love, Honesty, Love, and Truth are the most important aspects of my being. A Child of God. A Child of Light. With all occurrences in my life, this focus has guided me through the Virtual Quagmire…it is only real when you feed it.

I am driven by a desire to see people recognize The Truth and thereby make their own response to it. Exposing the calamitous deceit that denies a freedom we were born to. A carefully constructed deceit that perpetuates the paradigm that keeps us chasing the beast that dangles the golden carrot. A linear story for our linear minds that efficiently explains the 3D world we inhabit and yet nothing beyond. An eloquent deception that arrests any notion of curiosity, let alone acceptance, of anything beyond the social curriculum. Fortunately for The Truth…science is now on our side.

In my lifetime I have been many things. My personal nature would not allow me to attach a label. I have been privy to miraculous healing, stopping the winds on command, prophecy, meeting people’s souls, demonic attack, seeing spirits, hearing The Voice, and being fed truths of our existence, and so much more. The empathy and love I have for mankind and all creation can be the source of much joy and sorrow. It is a bittersweet experience but I wouldn’t swap out.

Outwardly people who know me say I am ‘unique, one of the kindest they have met, freak(telling them their thoughts or secrets), loving, commanding, intelligent. I’m still waiting for somebody to call me nuts….it hasn’t happened yet so through it all they are seeing a thread of truth. The ancient truth residing within holds no tolerance of compromise. It is the ‘I AM’.

A loving truth which charges, balances and instructs the soul. False words don’t fit and disharmony couldn’t possibly find a home here. I am very comfortable with how people see me.
It tells me they sense my essence.
They sense my message.
They sense The Truth

It is time to stop hiding.
It is time to speak this truth to the world now.


Author of the upcoming book – ‘VOICE OF THE END TIME’
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Day #21 Nina Ashby – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #21 Nina Hallinger Ashby … a JOY 🌹

Nina Ashby



Conscious Living Global introduces, Nina Ashby

NINA ASHBY is an Energy Expert as well as a gifted and exciting communicator. She mentors people committed to developing their Spirituality to live a more joyful, fulfilled life in alignment with their purpose and meets them according to their needs, guiding them to develop awareness to stay connected with their inner self; to be energetically secure and poised to approach life more simply and boldly, having more of what they want in a way that is ‘serious fun’.
An author, teacher and healer of international repute, Nina was born with the ability to see the aura, or the subtle energy field that surrounds every living thing and spent many years training in art & the science of perception in order to understand deeply and to communicate clearly what she perceives for the benefit of her international clientele for more than 40 years professionally. Originally from New York City, she has lived in London since 1983.
Nina has worked as a regular presenter on TV and online radio and video channels have been a guest on TV and radio and have featured in many articles in prominent magazines. The author of two books, “Develop Your ESP” and “Simply Colour Therapy”, she also writes regularly for Spirit and Destiny Magazine. Nina has also worked in prominent political roles on behalf of both the Aromatherapy and Psychic professions since moving to the UK .

Day #20 Shona Ann Hill – CLG Founder and Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #20 is Shona Ann Hill the Founder of Conscious Living Global … brought out beautifully by Susan Cook and Heather Stahnke … to share best I can the origins of the vision and all that I am in all that is 🌹🌹🌹

Shona Ann Hill



I am Shona Ann Hill and I am the founder of Conscious Living Global

What this is, is my heart out on the table.
I am just a girl that was born in Chester, in the UK, that has a deep caring for ALL humanity. I wish to see humanity restored to all it deserves to be, to all it wants to be, to all it asks to be.
Prayers of all kinds are said daily, of how you wish to be helped. Here is where answers come. You have been heard, and I am guided daily in ways to help you in achieving your desires, visions, goals. Where you struggle, in time, we will provide you with all that you need going forward.
This is all that I am, and all the beautiful pearls, the precious pearls, and hearts that have come into this space to share with you all that they are. A part of the vision to help you, and all that we are you can become with us. In all your experiences you are not alone. We help you by our own example. We have experienced traumas of all kinds, so that we know where you are and what you need, to help you to move forward, to all that you see yourself to be.
There is no more waiting. It is here, and you beautiful human beings deserve all that you have ever dreamed of, and here with us, you will gain your confidence, the ability to be all that you are in the space of all that is and create for yourself, all that you desire.
This is simply a platform, space, for you to come and know through the authentic beings that are here.
I was born with a deep awareness of the truth of humanity and I could see it. Some say it is a mistake I have made, that I chose to “fit in” to where humanity is; but without making that choice, I wouldn’t know the trauma that you have, and I would not know how to overcome it. It is because I made that choice that I have the keys to your restoration, for I know how you got there, and I know the choices that take you back to you. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and all humanity, and share my deep love for all that you are, and help you to shine in the way that you choose.
Love and blessings to you all

Day #19 Sherine Lovegrove – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #19 Sherine Lovegrove
Sharing her wisdom of balance 🌹

Sherine Lovegrove



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sherine Lovegrove

Sherine, practices as a Health Optimisation and Longevity Coach and over the past 20-years she has dealt successfully a wide range of issues and she has come to believe that, continuous stress IS the fundamental cause behind all chronic illnesses and premature aging.
Sherine’s special interest is in how the brain’s potential we can be harnessed to generate transformative changes at the level of our DNA. In her book and the author of the book “The AHA Moment,” she uses a process, the iCAN® Model, to show how to create brain states that allow for change behaviors to become permanent.
Sherine has a vast amount of experience with which she brings to her clients as prior to becoming involved in the complementary fields of mind-body therapies Sherine trained as a general nurse, midwife, and intensive care specialist. In 2011, she went on to obtained her psychology degree at the age of 50 years-of-age and in 2014 she completed her MSc in cognitive neurosciences and neuropsychology.
She is currently studying for her doctorate in Integrated Medicine and is busy exploring the application of longevity principles to both slowing down or even reversing the chronic illness and rapid aging. Sherine, believes that chronological age is just a number and that it is what we do that results in whether we age well or not.
Other proud moments for Sherine is that she co-created the first accredited Professional Scenar-Cosmodic and Stephenson’s Creative Healing Massage Training in the UK. She also runs additional independent training for Stress Management, Longevity Classes, Intuitive Decision Making and Create Your Life Workshops.
She is registered with the following professional bodies: BPS, RSM, UKCP, NLPtCA, CNHC, ACPIRT, B.H.A., and EMDR UK

Day #18 Alinda Kate – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #18 sharing her courage from Uganda Alinda Kate

Alinda Kate



Conscious Living Global introduces, Alinda Kate

Alinda is an aspiring journalist and peace activist in beautiful Uganda.

Through much trauma and experiencing the worst humanity has to offer in violation, she has never lost touch with her inner voice, nor the belief of someday achieving her dreams …

Showing up in service to help people in hospital every day regardless of what is going on for her; she has always made sure others are feeling the best they can be, no matter what has been going on for her. Even for a while when her own smile was lost, she never stopped making others smile … and now having the power to set herself free from it all here, she can now move forward actively to fulfil her dreams of helping others and becoming a journalist, raising awareness on the issues that are about her, creating a kinder and more peaceful world in her wake

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Day #17 Sasha Grace – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #17 the beautiful pearly Sasha Grace 🌹🌹🌹

Sasha Grace



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sasha Grace.

Sasha Grace
Energy Healer– Channeller – Psychic – Life Coach and Mentor

Born in England, Sasha moved to Australia at age 5, then back to England at 10 due to her father leaving, then back to Australia at 13 with her mother and older sister.

Sasha began meditating at the age of 13 as a way out of the confusing tumultuous time she was experiencing at home with her family. This was the beginning of her ‘coming home’ and her walk with spirit towards the destination and healing work she finds herself doing professionally now.

Creativity has played a huge part of Sasha’s life, dancing professionally from an early age in England she and her sister and mother moved back to Australia and she took up singing lessons. She has sung professionally for many years and begun teaching vocal workshops helping others to step into their Authentic voice. She taught them to access more power and confidence with a technique that had had dramatically successful results on her own confidence, voice and inner power, and hence her students.

Day #16 Storm Law – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #16 Storm Law

Storm Law



Conscious Living Global introduces: Storm Law

About Storm,
She has always known that she had wanted to be in a position that I could help others achieve their goals and dreams and have now been placed firmly on the path for that to become her reality!
She is currently a student dietitian and by the end of 2019 will have a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and be an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Storm is also about to undertake an intensive coaching course to combine all her skills and become a Health and Wellness Coach.
Her focus and interests lie around achieving a state of health that promotes total well-being. She is very keen to specialize in gut health, Coeliac disease and the learn more about the fascinating link is known as the gut-brain connection.
Storm is also a Mum of two amazing humans, she sees a great opportunity to educate our younger generation on having control of their health and turning the tables on the World’s current health status. Prevention is better than cure!!!
Until she graduates she is restricted in what advice that she can give and will remain within her restrictions of general healthy diet guidelines and personal life experiences.
Storm so thankful and grateful to be on this journey with like-minded people who genuinely want to help and do good for this World and the people in it.
You can search her out in Instagram: Storm Law Health. Or message us through the website and we will forward her your mail.
We all here in Conscious Living Global are excited to see her new journey unfold.

Day #15 Jane Dicken – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #15 the beautiful Jane Dicken 🌹

Jane Dicken



Conscious Living Global introduces, Jane Dicken

Powerful Story.

Jane says; “A woman of a certain age (53) on a rediscovery of self after critical illness and convalescence. This has involved an ‘organic recalibration’ on a mental, physical, emotional, psychological and practical level, including what I can only describe as an ‘astral shift’ in my perception of life. As an ‘educationalist’ of more years standing than I care to remember, and as one who has experienced ‘life in various places’, I know that there is as much to learn as there is to teach and as much to gain as there is to give. Nothing happens in isolation. And within the ‘space of connection’ – possibilities for better things can be embraced – learning to ‘Expect and accept the unexpected!’ in any positive way.”
You can subscribe to Jane here.

Day #14 Andrew Booth – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #14 Andrew Booth

Andrew Booth



Conscious Living Global introduces, Andrew Booth-Australia
Andrew Booth, a personal trainer, and health coach has combined his personal and business experience to create a unique world class offering for assisting your health journey. Andrew has personally rehabilitated several times from major trauma, burning off obesity and chiseling himself into an athlete including achieving this at 50 years young, outperforming young personal trainers in their prime. Andrew grew up in a medical family, originally an athlete, then a business process consultant, he has spent over 20 years identifying gaps and opportunities in industries and world renown businesses, building world-class business processes. In that 20 years, he never failed to deliver. Andrew decided to turn the misfortune of several major accidents and rehabilitation into an inspiring example, switching his career to his passion for rebuilding health and is constantly evolving systems and processes for you and your health. Andrew firmly believes in a holistic approach to health that puts your unique and sacred life at the center. Set your health free, take the helm and lead your health to however far you want to take it, by accessing the right knowledge, fuel and processes that drive your meaning via the gift of your vessel: heart, body, and mind.
If this sounds like you, message Andrew at