So many people go through life people pleasing and being passive rather than saying what they truly feel, especially if they have been through any form of abuse or trauma.

As an Assertiveness Coach, I help people to connect with their heartfelt truth, and to express their true feelings in a LOVING way … It is ok to say “No”.

It is also a space where those that have maybe been too strong with their expression, can learn to BE more LOVING and considerate of others as well as themselves, so movement forward from a heart space can be achieved.

Sessions can be conducted one to one in my clinic space, in a group situation where you can grow and have support of others going through the same experience, or even over the telephone or Skype/FaceTime/FB Messenger … The choice is truly yours.

I look forward to helping you to grow.

Session price = £40 for 1 hour | Book now