Summit Speaker Day #22 Andrew MacDonald … Much Truth revealed here as to how it all is 🌹

Andrew MacDonald



Conscious Living Global introduces, Andrew MacDonald

Truth, Love, Honesty, Love, and Truth are the most important aspects of my being. A Child of God. A Child of Light. With all occurrences in my life, this focus has guided me through the Virtual Quagmire…it is only real when you feed it.

I am driven by a desire to see people recognize The Truth and thereby make their own response to it. Exposing the calamitous deceit that denies a freedom we were born to. A carefully constructed deceit that perpetuates the paradigm that keeps us chasing the beast that dangles the golden carrot. A linear story for our linear minds that efficiently explains the 3D world we inhabit and yet nothing beyond. An eloquent deception that arrests any notion of curiosity, let alone acceptance, of anything beyond the social curriculum. Fortunately for The Truth…science is now on our side.

In my lifetime I have been many things. My personal nature would not allow me to attach a label. I have been privy to miraculous healing, stopping the winds on command, prophecy, meeting people’s souls, demonic attack, seeing spirits, hearing The Voice, and being fed truths of our existence, and so much more. The empathy and love I have for mankind and all creation can be the source of much joy and sorrow. It is a bittersweet experience but I wouldn’t swap out.

Outwardly people who know me say I am ‘unique, one of the kindest they have met, freak(telling them their thoughts or secrets), loving, commanding, intelligent. I’m still waiting for somebody to call me nuts….it hasn’t happened yet so through it all they are seeing a thread of truth. The ancient truth residing within holds no tolerance of compromise. It is the ‘I AM’.

A loving truth which charges, balances and instructs the soul. False words don’t fit and disharmony couldn’t possibly find a home here. I am very comfortable with how people see me.
It tells me they sense my essence.
They sense my message.
They sense The Truth

It is time to stop hiding.
It is time to speak this truth to the world now.


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