Summit Speaker Day #18 sharing her courage from Uganda Alinda Kate

Alinda Kate



Conscious Living Global introduces, Alinda Kate

Alinda is an aspiring journalist and peace activist in beautiful Uganda.

Through much trauma and experiencing the worst humanity has to offer in violation, she has never lost touch with her inner voice, nor the belief of someday achieving her dreams …

Showing up in service to help people in hospital every day regardless of what is going on for her; she has always made sure others are feeling the best they can be, no matter what has been going on for her. Even for a while when her own smile was lost, she never stopped making others smile … and now having the power to set herself free from it all here, she can now move forward actively to fulfil her dreams of helping others and becoming a journalist, raising awareness on the issues that are about her, creating a kinder and more peaceful world in her wake

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