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Making Sense Of It ALL – Life, Death and Everything Else

Lindisfarne Event – LIVE in Person and Live Stream
Friday 27th September 11am – 5pm – Crossman Hall, Lindisfarne TD15 2ST (lunch between 12.30pm and 2pm)
£35  Event and Ticket Information
Your questions answered …. your stresses relieved …
So many things happen around our life experience that seem mystifying to us even unexplainable … here in presence with Shona Ann Hill, a Transformational Conduit of Source, receive the answers and begin to see the world through a fresh new perspective, one where you are in charge of your journey and living your life just the way you wish too.
This event is for YOU […]

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STRESS BUSTING WORKSHOP – May 30th 7-8pm – Millards Yard, Gillygate, York

For information Contact:
Ready to learn a quick and easy way to overcome stress, so that you can be there for those you care for and YOU???
If the answer is YES, then this is for YOU!!!

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Day #40 CLG Vision and Next Phase

I am so proud of all those that have shown up here for their beautiful and authentic heart … ♥️

There is much to do to bring out many more authentic beautiful pure hearts and voices of the world ♥️

Deep LOVE <3 <3 <3




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Day #39 The Real Human Compilation – CLG Summit

To support any of the people in this video please connect through: Conscious Living Global is dedicated to giving those with no voice, the power to speak and the possibility of creating their dream reality in this world, as equals with all others… This is the beginning of the pyramid becoming “The Holy Grail” … The meek shall inherit the earth… it is the divine path and the will of creation that it be so… Amen

Many came forward to be a part of the summit to share what they do for their communities and such, however they didn’t have […]

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