Summit Speaker Day #17 the beautiful pearly Sasha Grace 🌹🌹🌹

Sasha Grace



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sasha Grace.

Sasha Grace
Energy Healer– Channeller – Psychic – Life Coach and Mentor

Born in England, Sasha moved to Australia at age 5, then back to England at 10 due to her father leaving, then back to Australia at 13 with her mother and older sister.

Sasha began meditating at the age of 13 as a way out of the confusing tumultuous time she was experiencing at home with her family. This was the beginning of her ‘coming home’ and her walk with spirit towards the destination and healing work she finds herself doing professionally now.

Creativity has played a huge part of Sasha’s life, dancing professionally from an early age in England she and her sister and mother moved back to Australia and she took up singing lessons. She has sung professionally for many years and begun teaching vocal workshops helping others to step into their Authentic voice. She taught them to access more power and confidence with a technique that had had dramatically successful results on her own confidence, voice and inner power, and hence her students.