In truth I am a way shower

I am one of those that hovers between two worlds, keeping one foot on the ground, and the rest of me a detached observer in other Dimensions.

I see the truth … I see you … I see exactly what you require to move you forward to the life you so seek and deserve. All you need to know is that all is as it should be at this moment in time, and all that you are going through, you will one day be thankful for as you grow to the YOU that you truly are.

As I live in two worlds and am a keen detached observer I see all that you require to move you forward to your chosen destiny. I am honest and I am brave, and am here to serve ALL of humanity

I currently live, in my human form, in the UK, but in reality I am everywhere, for I am a multi-dimensional being. I am that I am in true connection with all that is. I come now to shatter the illusion of separation, for we are all one in energy. The physical illusion we have come to know as real, is beginning to disintegrate. Those who fear change and cling to the past and believe they can control life force, are beginning to suffer great pain and suffering in their life. I am one of a growing number of truth givers, a key holder to the waking up of humanity to the truth of all that they are. I give confidence to the flow of life force that can transform pain into joy.

People live under the illusion that they have to be told what is right for them… In truth you feel in your heart and in your belly, what is right for you…I have been through many lessons in this… to transform the pain of another’s actions into love and forgiveness… to transcend above the limitations of all human experience… for more often than not they haven’t a clue what they are doing, as they have no idea that they are in fact hurting themselves through hurting others as we are one in energy… we are the divine love of God/Source, the Christ Consciousness in form. Every single person has an innate talent and gift that is unique to them… I bring these out in people… where people lack confidence I bring it forth, for all are worthy and deserving of shining and living dreams fulfilled. What you have ever thought of as possible for you, God/Source wants that for you, and I help clear the way for those dreams to come forward for you, and be manifest.

I have always had awareness, all of my human life that there was more than what was there by appearance. I have had spirit guides, and friends and family come and spend time with me, after they have transcended physical form. I have had many previous human experiences, where I have been a powerful teacher, and also lives where I have been the opposite. All these together bring me to you in the form I am today.

I am a being from another space popped in for this moment from Andromeda to shatter the “story”, and illusion that humanity has come to know as real. I am a humble servant of God, along with all those I share this divine space with. We are all equals in the oneness, there is no superiority… that is another illusion I come to bring crashing down to its knees.

I am a humble being, and in the humility that I am, I come here now to bring you peace, love, courage and joy, from the highest vibration. I come to shatter all illusions and allow all humanity that wishes it in this moment to step out in the confidence of all that they are. I am a humble truth giver and divine justice seeker. I lovingly walk in equality of ALL life, human and animal alike, and allow ALL to shine in confidence, in the truth of ALL that they are.

I offer assistance to people both in person and online. As I said before I am everywhere, so I assist people everywhere.

I am here for YOU, so how can I help?

Through one to one sessions in person, or remotely, through Skype, I can give you exactly what you need to move you forward in your life … What you need isn’t always necessarily what you want, but whatever you receive will move you forward in a way you could not have imagined.

With me MAGIC and MIRACLES abound, and I am always so happy to share my time with anyone who wishes to connect with me in a session.

I will also be providing courses, books and much much more to help you achieve your grandest dreams … and more

I am a leader of leaders and as such through the LOVE in my heart I will bring MAGIC and MIRACLES to YOU!