Summit Speaker Day #20 is Shona Ann Hill the Founder of Conscious Living Global … brought out beautifully by Susan Cook and Heather Stahnke … to share best I can the origins of the vision and all that I am in all that is 🌹🌹🌹

Shona Ann Hill



I am Shona Ann Hill and I am the founder of Conscious Living Global

What this is, is my heart out on the table.
I am just a girl that was born in Chester, in the UK, that has a deep caring for ALL humanity. I wish to see humanity restored to all it deserves to be, to all it wants to be, to all it asks to be.
Prayers of all kinds are said daily, of how you wish to be helped. Here is where answers come. You have been heard, and I am guided daily in ways to help you in achieving your desires, visions, goals. Where you struggle, in time, we will provide you with all that you need going forward.
This is all that I am, and all the beautiful pearls, the precious pearls, and hearts that have come into this space to share with you all that they are. A part of the vision to help you, and all that we are you can become with us. In all your experiences you are not alone. We help you by our own example. We have experienced traumas of all kinds, so that we know where you are and what you need, to help you to move forward, to all that you see yourself to be.
There is no more waiting. It is here, and you beautiful human beings deserve all that you have ever dreamed of, and here with us, you will gain your confidence, the ability to be all that you are in the space of all that is and create for yourself, all that you desire.
This is simply a platform, space, for you to come and know through the authentic beings that are here.
I was born with a deep awareness of the truth of humanity and I could see it. Some say it is a mistake I have made, that I chose to “fit in” to where humanity is; but without making that choice, I wouldn’t know the trauma that you have, and I would not know how to overcome it. It is because I made that choice that I have the keys to your restoration, for I know how you got there, and I know the choices that take you back to you. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and all humanity, and share my deep love for all that you are, and help you to shine in the way that you choose.
Love and blessings to you all