Summit Speaker Day #21 Nina Hallinger Ashby … a JOY 🌹

Nina Ashby



Conscious Living Global introduces, Nina Ashby

NINA ASHBY is an Energy Expert as well as a gifted and exciting communicator. She mentors people committed to developing their Spirituality to live a more joyful, fulfilled life in alignment with their purpose and meets them according to their needs, guiding them to develop awareness to stay connected with their inner self; to be energetically secure and poised to approach life more simply and boldly, having more of what they want in a way that is ‘serious fun’.
An author, teacher and healer of international repute, Nina was born with the ability to see the aura, or the subtle energy field that surrounds every living thing and spent many years training in art & the science of perception in order to understand deeply and to communicate clearly what she perceives for the benefit of her international clientele for more than 40 years professionally. Originally from New York City, she has lived in London since 1983.
Nina has worked as a regular presenter on TV and online radio and video channels have been a guest on TV and radio and have featured in many articles in prominent magazines. The author of two books, “Develop Your ESP” and “Simply Colour Therapy”, she also writes regularly for Spirit and Destiny Magazine. Nina has also worked in prominent political roles on behalf of both the Aromatherapy and Psychic professions since moving to the UK .