Summit Speaker Day #15 the beautiful Jane Dicken 🌹

Jane Dicken



Conscious Living Global introduces, Jane Dicken

Powerful Story.

Jane says; “A woman of a certain age (53) on a rediscovery of self after critical illness and convalescence. This has involved an ‘organic recalibration’ on a mental, physical, emotional, psychological and practical level, including what I can only describe as an ‘astral shift’ in my perception of life. As an ‘educationalist’ of more years standing than I care to remember, and as one who has experienced ‘life in various places’, I know that there is as much to learn as there is to teach and as much to gain as there is to give. Nothing happens in isolation. And within the ‘space of connection’ – possibilities for better things can be embraced – learning to ‘Expect and accept the unexpected!’ in any positive way.”
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