Summit Speaker Day #19 Sherine Lovegrove
Sharing her wisdom of balance 🌹

Sherine Lovegrove



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sherine Lovegrove

Sherine, practices as a Health Optimisation and Longevity Coach and over the past 20-years she has dealt successfully a wide range of issues and she has come to believe that, continuous stress IS the fundamental cause behind all chronic illnesses and premature aging.
Sherine’s special interest is in how the brain’s potential we can be harnessed to generate transformative changes at the level of our DNA. In her book and the author of the book “The AHA Moment,” she uses a process, the iCAN® Model, to show how to create brain states that allow for change behaviors to become permanent.
Sherine has a vast amount of experience with which she brings to her clients as prior to becoming involved in the complementary fields of mind-body therapies Sherine trained as a general nurse, midwife, and intensive care specialist. In 2011, she went on to obtained her psychology degree at the age of 50 years-of-age and in 2014 she completed her MSc in cognitive neurosciences and neuropsychology.
She is currently studying for her doctorate in Integrated Medicine and is busy exploring the application of longevity principles to both slowing down or even reversing the chronic illness and rapid aging. Sherine, believes that chronological age is just a number and that it is what we do that results in whether we age well or not.
Other proud moments for Sherine is that she co-created the first accredited Professional Scenar-Cosmodic and Stephenson’s Creative Healing Massage Training in the UK. She also runs additional independent training for Stress Management, Longevity Classes, Intuitive Decision Making and Create Your Life Workshops.
She is registered with the following professional bodies: BPS, RSM, UKCP, NLPtCA, CNHC, ACPIRT, B.H.A., and EMDR UK