Be Yourself with Confidence – Finding YOU and Manifesting Dreams

Many of us travel through life, covering up who we truly are, without the confidence to shine our true full potential.

This six week course, will connect you with you, and the fullness that you are. You will shine with confidence and move forwards in ways that you can’t imagine towards achieving your full potential and success

Everyone deserves to shine at their brightest and has the God given right to BE who they truly are … This course is the leap you need to have the confidence to move forward as the brave courageous warrior you are, and give you the required start up on the journey to achieve your dreams and more

Forwards onwards and upwards are the only ways to travel … This course will take you there.

Six Module Course (Conducted through Webinar) | Price = $97 (normally $200)  | Book now

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One to One Mentoring Sessions

Are YOU in a space where you see what you want, and what you are here to accomplish and assist with in the repair of humanity, but have blocks from time to time in your progress… If so these sessions are for you!!!

Are YOU well on your way to rediscovering the TRUTH of YOU???

Do you have occasional blocks to your flow and action in your life and manifestations, that you require assistance to understand and work through back to your TRUE flow in I AM???

If any of the above questions apply to you, then this is your way forward in the moment of that space, for you are already in your knowing wisdom most of the time.

If you require this, session can be done in a way that suits you… either in person or online.

Price = $57 ⌊ Book Now

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Mentoring to Mastery

6 Month Program to the TRUE YOU and VISIONS becoming REAL

Ready to clear out ALL those cobwebs, and “stuff” that has blocked you from YOU???

Ready to make ALL those things YOU have ever seen possible for YOU REAL in your life???

Ready to let your TRUTH shine out, and your dreams BE realised???

Are YOU ready to rediscover ALL that YOU are in the I AM presence of the Collective Consciousness, and fulfil your space and let your innate talent … the reason YOU are here… BE MANIFEST in you life, in the WISDOM and KNOWING that only YOU can fill that space???

If the answer to the above is a deep wise knowing of YES, then this is for YOU!!!

I look forward so much to helping you find YOU and ALL that YOU AM

6 months of weekly sessions conducted through webinar ⌊ Price = $3,000 (instalment options available) ⌊ Book Now

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Soul Rebirth Breathwork

One of the best experiences your body will ever have in its life. Why???

Because it clears out all the rubbish that has been stored in our cells since we were born, and sometimes even before that. There is no one that cannot benefit from this, and the earlier you start the better for you and your body.

The exact benefits you will receive from Soul Rebirth Breathwork are endless, in all areas of your life, but let me list some for you, so you have an idea.

  • Releases Blocks (without analysis) on all levels
  • Reduces anxiety, Stress
  • Deeply relaxing, brings inner peace
  • Open energy centres of the body, particularly the heart
  • Resolves old emotional wounds and promotes emotional stability
  • Increases energy and creativity
  • Promotes compassion, joy and happiness
  • Allows insights into behaviours and feelings
  • Improves self-image and self-esteem health and immune system
  • Relieves depression and self-defeating behaviour
  • Develops greater spiritual awareness

It is a continuous, open mouth, circular natural breathing system that works on ALL levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and cellular

One Day Workshop (one-to-one or group) | Price = $65 | Book now

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Love Heals

Are you tired of self-help books? Are you stressed out and mentally exhausted? Have you lost your confidence? Are you friends needy and draining your energy? Is your self-esteem at an all-time low? Is every thought a negative one? Do you know who you really are?

This is a two day workshop for people who are looking to change their lives for good. The emphasis is on total self and will give you the tools to enable you to break free of old thought patterns that are holding you back. This workshop can give you joy and inner peace. The confidence to move forward and to finding and giving unconditional love. You can find harmony of body, mind and spirit. Allowing you to realise your full potential.

Two Day Workshop | Price = $190 | Book now

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