CLG Real Human Compilation

To support any of the people in this video please connect through: Conscious Living Global is dedicated to giving those with no voice, the power to speak and the possibility of creating their dream reality in this world, as equals with all others… This is the beginning of the pyramid becoming “The Holy Grail” … The meek shall inherit the earth… it is the divine path and the will of creation that it be so… Amen

Many came forward to be a part of the summit to share what they do for their communities and such, however they didn’t have the capacity to connect to zoom for an interview …. to get around this I asked them to record and send videos if connection was good enough to do that … in a few cases this was possible … so here is a compilation of those videos … it contains musical talent and brings the truth of some of the living conditions and lifestyles to light … mainly of Africa and the Christians who live in Pakistan … They are not professional speakers but I am proud of all of them none the less for “showing up” in this way … as these are those people who live around the unbanked 2/3rds that need the empowerment of being heard … it does also include some of our African Brothers here … The next stage is empowering the voice … There is some incredible musical talent in here too … you will all be dancing 💃