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Making Sense Of It ALL – Life, Death and Everything Else

Lindisfarne Event – LIVE in Person and Live Stream

Friday 27th September 11am – 5pm – Crossman Hall, Lindisfarne TD15 2ST (lunch between 12.30pm and 2pm)

£35  Event and Ticket Information

Your questions answered …. your stresses relieved …

So many things happen around our life experience that seem mystifying to us even unexplainable … here in presence with Shona Ann Hill, a Transformational Conduit of Source, receive the answers and begin to see the world through a fresh new perspective, one where you are in charge of your journey and living your life just the way you wish too.

This event is for YOU and will cover the topics relevant to participants – tuned into through psychic awareness and enhanced through your questions.

For further information please click the link above or email Shona Ann Hill

STRESS BUSTING WORKSHOP – May 30th 7-8pm – Millards Yard, Gillygate, York


For information Contact:

Ready to learn a quick and easy way to overcome stress, so that you can be there for those you care for and YOU???

If the answer is YES, then this is for YOU!!!

Day #40 CLG Vision and Next Phase

CLG Vision

I am so proud of all those that have shown up here for their beautiful and authentic heart … ♥️

There is much to do to bring out many more authentic beautiful pure hearts and voices of the world ♥️

Deep LOVE <3 <3 <3




Day #39 The Real Human Compilation – CLG Summit

CLG Real Human Compilation

To support any of the people in this video please connect through: Conscious Living Global is dedicated to giving those with no voice, the power to speak and the possibility of creating their dream reality in this world, as equals with all others… This is the beginning of the pyramid becoming “The Holy Grail” … The meek shall inherit the earth… it is the divine path and the will of creation that it be so… Amen

Many came forward to be a part of the summit to share what they do for their communities and such, however they didn’t have the capacity to connect to zoom for an interview …. to get around this I asked them to record and send videos if connection was good enough to do that … in a few cases this was possible … so here is a compilation of those videos … it contains musical talent and brings the truth of some of the living conditions and lifestyles to light … mainly of Africa and the Christians who live in Pakistan … They are not professional speakers but I am proud of all of them none the less for “showing up” in this way … as these are those people who live around the unbanked 2/3rds that need the empowerment of being heard … it does also include some of our African Brothers here … The next stage is empowering the voice … There is some incredible musical talent in here too … you will all be dancing 💃



Day #38 Karen McMurchy – CLG Summit Speaker

Karen McMurchy

Karen is a Leading International Cell & Soul Transformations Teacher. She is The Best Selling Author of Cell Soulutions 5 Essential Keys to Cell & Soul Vitality. Karen Assists in Resolving the often “Unresolved” emotions. She loves seeing her clients naturally take back their power and claim a life they deserved all along. You can connect with Karen at:



Day #37 Stephanie Standish – CLG Summit Speaker

Stephanie Standish

Stephie is a person who connects with people. She shifts and balances them into their peace and inner knowing. A Coach in the ACE method, using Hypnotherapy and NLP, she really helps people to connect with who they are, bulldoze their way through the rubbish, into their true authentic selves. She is a very “what you see is what you get” girl, and is very grounded in her authenticity, and therefore really makes it work for you, in a very kind and FUN way. She is real. She is truthful. She says it how it is. She is able to move you forward quickly because of this. She sees and understands much, even the unsaid to help you forward to the life you desire and deserve for you. To connect with Stephanie go to:…



Day #36 Mignon Lee-Warden – CLG Summit Speaker

Mignon Lee-Warden

All about Mignon: Spiritual entrepreneur and multicultural community facilitator shining in her 3rd act. With a background of 30 years in professional theatre, music, meditation, community cultural development, counselling and the healing arts she brings her experience and passion together to create nurturing, safe and life changing spaces and retreats for people of all cultures and abilities. Mignon is originally from South Africa. She specialises in techniques to help people with anxiety and offers private sessions in Biodynamic Cranio sacral therapy. She is a well known as a professional arts worker, event producer and healer. She moved to Australia in 1993 producing multicultural festivals, concerts and retreats for refugees, women and children and wellness festivals. She runs Sounds Divine Productions offering live sound to events and leads sound healing, meditations and retreats. Mignon’s passion is creating heart centred retreats that offer a sanctuary from the world for people of all cultures to rest, find stillness and build resilience and ignite the spark in themselves to live the life they want to. Mignon’s medicine is kindness. Uniting people of all backgrounds through music and cultural healing. The tools she brings to her retreats are  Sacred practices, using sound, song, meditation, mantra and daily rituals to anchor  Techniques in grounding and being present resourcing the nervous system to dissolve anxiety and fear  Meditations to balance the chakras and release belly issues and digestive problems  Creative writing and life review techniques for women over 50  Sacred songs and practices from many faiths in Sanskrit, Jewish, Sufi, Gospel, Goddess, African traditions  Microphone and camera technical skills for video, audio, podcasts or live presentations  The joy and healing power of singing from many traditions including kirtan  Sound healings with Crystal alchemy singing bowls, RAV and Drum You can contact Mignon through: Sacred Music and sound healing… Sounds Divine Productions… Resonance Healing for Biodynamic Craniosacral and Soothe Sessions…



Day #35 Karen Bromley – CLG Summit Speaker

Karen Bromley

Karen ‘Maya’ Bromley – ‘The Mind Body Connector’ I wanted my life to end……I was suffering from an overwhelming amount of physical and emotional pain from M.E and living in an unhappy marriage, experiencing high levels of stress at work, full of fear and unexpressed emotions; living the wrong life! My journey to fully living started when a Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach, another K. Bromley started working in a nearby village (she was definitely sent to me; to have very similar names is proof that it was a miracle in my eyes!) I had 6 sessions with her and my life as I knew it for 11 years did end but in the most miraculous and wonderful way, as these sessions started me on my transformation to health and to ‘BE’ the real me. As I went through my inner work, the pain and awful symptoms faded and then went away. As a previous social worker working in mental health and then stroke rehabilitation, I knew about the power of the subconscious mind but I was blown away by my transformation. This inspired me to train as a Hypnotherapist, Inner Child Therapist and Wellness Coach. By adding these powerful skills to my therapies, energy work as a Reiki Healer and my Law of Attraction Coaching, I have created a way of supporting people on all levels. We are meant to be fully connected to ourselves, living from our inner resources, being and feeling in balance and I support people by letting go of old habits, beliefs, traumas and fears from our mind, body and spirit. It is wonderful that I can work over skype as well- as energy can shift wherever you are. I know that I was meant to go through all the years of the challenging experiences so that I can share what I have learnt to support and empower others to live their ‘true’ abundant life. I am so passionate about what I am gifted to do and I love my abundant life so much now and I wish you the amazing and contented life that you want and deserve! Love and Peace Maya x Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Diploma in Parks Inner Child Therapy Diploma in Social Work Fertility2Birth Practitioner (Fertility and Hypnobirthing) Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Reiki Healer Level 2 You can connect with Karen at: and



Day #34 Beverley Grace – CLG Summit Speaker

Beverley Grace

What Bev Grace Offers Moving Body and Mind with FUN, compassion and creativity. Bev has qualifications as a Teacher, Personal Trainer, Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Counsellor, Remedial Massage Therapist, Somatic Movement Therapist, Ageless Grace and Dementia Live Facilitator, NLP, TLT, and Hypnotherapy. Short Bio Bev Grace was born in Zimbabwe, her teen years were spent in Malawi. She trained as a Physical Education Teacher in England. Her adult years; being a mother and wife were in the USA and Nicaragua. She returned to Zimbabwe as a single person, then to Adelaide Australia to join her parents. Bev is grateful for all her life experiences and sees them as opportunities for spiritual growth. Bev has been exploring creativity as a resource for healing self and others for the past 30 years. She focuses on movement, to access the body-mind, moving between conscious and unconscious, the experience of fluidity and pleasure that comes from transforming old beliefs is at the forefront of her coaching. Bev’s transition from dependence to independence was the journey that has brought about the biggest changes in her life. Bev combines in her weekly classes and workshops, her skills in movement, art and therapy Moving Images. Healing Metaphores: Moving, imaging,sounding and enacting. For anyone interested in exploring a different perspective of movement, creativity and health. Movement Ritual: To kick start your day A development movement sequence. Opening, Strengthening and Lengthening. Where embedded messages are revealed to reform and transform. Move Your Art Out: Images Speak: For anyone who wants to free themselves of beliefs that they can’t move or can’t draw. Movement is the springboard to finding the pleasure of creating marks on paper. Ageless Grace 50+ Seated movement that inspires story and imagination. Personal Coaching: Using Timeline TLT Therapy and NLP Techniques Remedial Massage: Kahuna Style. To Contact Bev Grace go to



Day #33 Morrison T. Yahba – CLG Summit Speaker

Morrison T. Yahba

Morrison T. Yahba is a young Liberian advocate born October 30, 1995, at the C.B.Dunbar hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County, Liberia.
He is young Liberian advocates who dream is to uplift his country to a better standard of living. Morrison is a graduate of the Cuttington University Campus High School where he served as the Students Council President for two Academic year 2014/2015-2015/2016 respectively and erected many projects.
While in High School during the EBOLA Virus outbreak, Morrison thought it wise to find a group that will bring young people together under one voice in helping to advocate humanitarian organizations and individuals for better living standards for the fewer fortune kids and citizens of Liberia.
In 2015, Morrison finally succeeded in establishing the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team(NGYPT) which he is the CEO of presently.
Through the dream work of young Morrison, the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team has been able to help many Liberians with tuition aid, food, skills training, clothing e.t.c. NGYPT has also been able to help prisoners with provisions, petit skill, and Bible training. Morrison has now recruited ninety-four (94) volunteer young people who are eager to bring change to their country, Liberia.
Morrison is now a student of the United Methodist University(UMU) in Liberia where he studies Public Administration and Sociology. His dream is to become a great advocate and become one of the main sources of change for his Country. Morrison T. Yahba has also established a wing under the umbrella of the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team called The Liberia Transformation Agency(LTA) which he believes will help cover and work in every aspect of life.
He always believed that his dream will only be met if you surround him with a hand of help. His prayer has been not to be judged by his appearance and status. He always says ” Small People always do great things”. Morrison T. Yahba currently live in Fiama 21st street Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia and these are his contacts +231775103888