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Day #33 Morrison T. Yahba – CLG Summit Speaker

Morrison T. Yahba is a young Liberian advocate born October 30, 1995, at the C.B.Dunbar hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County, Liberia.
He is young Liberian advocates who dream is to uplift his country to a better standard of living. Morrison is a graduate of the Cuttington University Campus High School where he served as the Students Council President for two Academic year 2014/2015-2015/2016 respectively and erected many projects.
While in High School during the EBOLA Virus outbreak, Morrison thought it wise to find a group that will bring young people together under one voice in helping to advocate humanitarian organizations and individuals […]

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Day #32 Hanna Hashim – CLG Summit Speaker

I am a certified life coach/mentor. I love helping individuals and groups to identify the areas that they have blocks to moving forward in their lives, careers and relationships. Through sessions, I ask powerful questions that help you reflect on your life to see where your strengths and weaknesses are and what action steps you can take to overcome these weak points and fears to help you move forward. Life experiences have taken me on a journey to learn and master the lessons so I can share them with you. I believe that people learn by listening to others experiences […]

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Day #31 William M Sherman – CLG Summit Speaker

William M Sherman I am a Senior Coordinator in Inspiring Education for Liberian Children and Employment Unit. I am in charge of Inspiring Education for Liberian Children policy and employment programming, including the Education for All (IELC) portfolio, Early Childhood Education (ECE), school leadership, the Quality Educators for All projects, Inspiring teacher migration and mobility campaign and related issues. In addition Inspire Education into Liberian on the refugee camp in Ghana. I try to help other children who don’t have a family. I have written several papers and articles on education and other social issues, including contributing to the Commonwealth […]

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Day #30 Florence Davidson – CLG Summit Speaker

From Florence.
At one time, I thought I had arrived! Despite lifelong complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I’d made my way up the ladder of scientific success. I had earned a Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I had done two postdoctoral fellowships at MIT – the first in biophysics and biochemistry (in the lab of a Nobel laureate) and the second in genetics. I was on the tenure track at a prestigious national research institute, with my own research group and program. Then, within a span of five years, most of the highest stressors […]

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