Morrison T. Yahba

Morrison T. Yahba is a young Liberian advocate born October 30, 1995, at the C.B.Dunbar hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County, Liberia.
He is young Liberian advocates who dream is to uplift his country to a better standard of living. Morrison is a graduate of the Cuttington University Campus High School where he served as the Students Council President for two Academic year 2014/2015-2015/2016 respectively and erected many projects.
While in High School during the EBOLA Virus outbreak, Morrison thought it wise to find a group that will bring young people together under one voice in helping to advocate humanitarian organizations and individuals for better living standards for the fewer fortune kids and citizens of Liberia.
In 2015, Morrison finally succeeded in establishing the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team(NGYPT) which he is the CEO of presently.
Through the dream work of young Morrison, the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team has been able to help many Liberians with tuition aid, food, skills training, clothing e.t.c. NGYPT has also been able to help prisoners with provisions, petit skill, and Bible training. Morrison has now recruited ninety-four (94) volunteer young people who are eager to bring change to their country, Liberia.
Morrison is now a student of the United Methodist University(UMU) in Liberia where he studies Public Administration and Sociology. His dream is to become a great advocate and become one of the main sources of change for his Country. Morrison T. Yahba has also established a wing under the umbrella of the Next Generation Youth Prayer Team called The Liberia Transformation Agency(LTA) which he believes will help cover and work in every aspect of life.
He always believed that his dream will only be met if you surround him with a hand of help. His prayer has been not to be judged by his appearance and status. He always says ” Small People always do great things”. Morrison T. Yahba currently live in Fiama 21st street Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia and these are his contacts +231775103888