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Day #26 Lynne Sears – CLG Summit Speaker

My name is Lynne Sears, I live presently in the UK and I work for a charity assisting disabled people to become more independent. In my 20’s I had a mind-boggling, mystical experience in which I became one with all and everything around me. This didn’t make sense and ever since I have devoted my life to the study/practice of almost every spiritual discipline under the sun in order to find a way to operate my daily life, deal with events and experiences and help others whilst remaining authentic to this experience. Until now I haven’t embraced being a therapist. […]

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Day #25 Tyson Lee – CLG Summit Speaker

My name is Tyson Lee, I am a 17 year old Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist. My home town is the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and it was here where I gained my passion for business, and self-improvement. I have spoken on different stages, been feature on different podcasts, and shared my knowledge and my message across a variety of different platforms. I have a constant hunger for improvement, and believe it is my responsibility to share my message, and help others create the life they desire. There have been many obstacles I have had to overcome during my journey to self […]

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Day #24 Desmond Mahdheebah Omoragbon


Hey there,
I’m Desmond Omoragbon from Nigeria, i am the convener of an active social group “THE MAHDHEEBAH BRAND” that comprises of young and vibrant youths from around Africa thirsty for change and improving the lives of the underprivileged and giving hope to the hopeless by engaging in community enlightenment programs and events, giving health care tips and giving out free skill training programs that could help generate funds for the jobless. Our blog site is and our I.G page is @mahdheebahblog. Please feel free to ask for any other info you might need and thank you for the opportunity […]

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Day #23 Sharan Raj – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #23 Sharan Raj … a technical genius with a heartfelt mission too 🌹



Conscious Living Global introduces, Sharan Raj

A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a Good track record of successful management. Sharan Raj is educated to a very high level with extensive knowledge of all current Technical, Economic, social and regulatory issues. An inspiring and motivational person with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company he manages. He is able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth. Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience […]

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