William M Sherman

William M Sherman I am a Senior Coordinator in Inspiring Education for Liberian Children and Employment Unit. I am in charge of Inspiring Education for Liberian Children policy and employment programming, including the Education for All (IELC) portfolio, Early Childhood Education (ECE), school leadership, the Quality Educators for All projects, Inspiring teacher migration and mobility campaign and related issues. In addition Inspire Education into Liberian on the refugee camp in Ghana. I try to help other children who don’t have a family. I have written several papers and articles on education and other social issues, including contributing to the Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book (2008) and published research studies for Inspiring Education, including Teacher Supply, Recruitment and Retention in Mali West Africa, 2007; Early Childhood Education: A Global Scenario, 2010; and A descriptive analysis of distributed leadership in Ghana schools, 2013. I was one of the recent publicans includes A strategy for managing teacher migration in Mali Africa: Principles, guidelines and policy considerations. I obtained a Certificate in Education from Ghana Teachers’ College and a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies from the University of Liberia. I have pursued a Masters in the same area at the Ghana Open University, and a doctorate in Education Management with the University of Liberia. I started my teaching career as a primary school teacher, a position in which I remained for 5 years. I was also a part-time lecturer at the Ghana Open University. As an activist for teachers’ rights, I served on the National Executive Board of the Ghana Teachers’ Association (GTA) for 3 years. I was also GTA’s Secretary General for 2 years. I spearheaded GTA’s HIV/AIDS Project and chaired the Program National Committee. I was a Board member of the local teacher training college, chairperson of the college’s Academic Committee and a member of the Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training Implementation Task Force in Ghana. I was working with security for communication airline, Tamale, Ghana to help myself and my community from there I get some money in my account. I try to get a group called A TRUE LIBERIAN which to I work to improve the working conditions of teachers did not stop at the national level. I was an active member of Gahanna Teachers’ Organization (GATO) and Inspiring Education African Regional Committee. I represented GIMTA and Inspiring Education in various fora, at both regional and international levels. Doing my free time, I enjoy playing sports such as soccer and cricket. I was the National Treasurer of the National Athletics Association of Liberia and a Board member of Matabeleland South Cricket Association. https://gdinternationandtr.wixsite.com/


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