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Day #38 Karen McMurchy – CLG Summit Speaker

Karen is a Leading International Cell & Soul Transformations Teacher. She is The Best Selling Author of Cell Soulutions 5 Essential Keys to Cell & Soul Vitality. Karen Assists in Resolving the often “Unresolved” emotions. She loves seeing her clients naturally take back their power and claim a life they deserved all along. You can connect with Karen at:



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Day #37 Stephanie Standish – CLG Summit Speaker

Stephie is a person who connects with people. She shifts and balances them into their peace and inner knowing. A Coach in the ACE method, using Hypnotherapy and NLP, she really helps people to connect with who they are, bulldoze their way through the rubbish, into their true authentic selves. She is a very “what you see is what you get” girl, and is very grounded in her authenticity, and therefore really makes it work for you, in a very kind and FUN way. She is real. She is truthful. She says it how it is. She is able to […]

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Day #36 Mignon Lee-Warden – CLG Summit Speaker

All about Mignon: Spiritual entrepreneur and multicultural community facilitator shining in her 3rd act. With a background of 30 years in professional theatre, music, meditation, community cultural development, counselling and the healing arts she brings her experience and passion together to create nurturing, safe and life changing spaces and retreats for people of all cultures and abilities. Mignon is originally from South Africa. She specialises in techniques to help people with anxiety and offers private sessions in Biodynamic Cranio sacral therapy. She is a well known as a professional arts worker, event producer and healer. She moved to Australia in […]

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Day #35 Karen Bromley – CLG Summit Speaker

Karen ‘Maya’ Bromley – ‘The Mind Body Connector’ I wanted my life to end……I was suffering from an overwhelming amount of physical and emotional pain from M.E and living in an unhappy marriage, experiencing high levels of stress at work, full of fear and unexpressed emotions; living the wrong life! My journey to fully living started when a Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach, another K. Bromley started working in a nearby village (she was definitely sent to me; to have very similar names is proof that it was a miracle in my eyes!) I had 6 sessions with her and my […]

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