Beverley Grace

What Bev Grace Offers Moving Body and Mind with FUN, compassion and creativity. Bev has qualifications as a Teacher, Personal Trainer, Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Counsellor, Remedial Massage Therapist, Somatic Movement Therapist, Ageless Grace and Dementia Live Facilitator, NLP, TLT, and Hypnotherapy. Short Bio Bev Grace was born in Zimbabwe, her teen years were spent in Malawi. She trained as a Physical Education Teacher in England. Her adult years; being a mother and wife were in the USA and Nicaragua. She returned to Zimbabwe as a single person, then to Adelaide Australia to join her parents. Bev is grateful for all her life experiences and sees them as opportunities for spiritual growth. Bev has been exploring creativity as a resource for healing self and others for the past 30 years. She focuses on movement, to access the body-mind, moving between conscious and unconscious, the experience of fluidity and pleasure that comes from transforming old beliefs is at the forefront of her coaching. Bev’s transition from dependence to independence was the journey that has brought about the biggest changes in her life. Bev combines in her weekly classes and workshops, her skills in movement, art and therapy Moving Images. Healing Metaphores: Moving, imaging,sounding and enacting. For anyone interested in exploring a different perspective of movement, creativity and health. Movement Ritual: To kick start your day A development movement sequence. Opening, Strengthening and Lengthening. Where embedded messages are revealed to reform and transform. Move Your Art Out: Images Speak: For anyone who wants to free themselves of beliefs that they can’t move or can’t draw. Movement is the springboard to finding the pleasure of creating marks on paper. Ageless Grace 50+ Seated movement that inspires story and imagination. Personal Coaching: Using Timeline TLT Therapy and NLP Techniques Remedial Massage: Kahuna Style. To Contact Bev Grace go to