Florence Davidson

From Florence.
At one time, I thought I had arrived! Despite lifelong complex PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I’d made my way up the ladder of scientific success. I had earned a Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I had done two postdoctoral fellowships at MIT – the first in biophysics and biochemistry (in the lab of a Nobel laureate) and the second in genetics. I was on the tenure track at a prestigious national research institute, with my own research group and program. Then, within a span of five years, most of the highest stressors that can happen to a person happened – including divorce, prolonged illness and death of family members, and major surgery for me. It was too much. I burned out so thoroughly that I had to close my lab; I couldn’t count on being able to work from one day to the next. Losing my career, which had been my raison d’etre, was the final blow.
Then began my real journey of discovery, not to mention, recovery. I decided early on that I probably needed to reduce the stress in my life (ya think?), so I decided to learn meditation. The guru I went to talked about listening to/for God. I thought, “I don’t know about all this God stuff. But, I’m a biologist! I know how to observe and listen. I won’t be hoodwinked, or brainwashed. There will probably be a whole lot of nothing, but hey! If it reduces my stress, that will be a good thing.” And, for the first time ever, I began to listen with a fully open mind.
My journey since then has been one of listening, observing, learning, filtering what I learn through the lens of scientific method only after information is acquired – thereby keeping an open mind – and being of service to others, which feels really good! In the process, I’ve honed in on what I’m actually meant to do, which is to help people connect to their greatest gifts; to manifest their dream life, no matter where they start, but especially when they are starting from a place of illness or upset. In my career as a scientist, I would never have expected this, but it seems I have been given the gift of helping others acquire clarity, inner peace, greater well-being, and the kind of empowerment that enables you to move from trauma, illness, or your own glass ceiling to thriving and successful. What I’ve learned has enabled me to completely heal my own PTSD, and recover from a decade-long journey through a mystery illness, dubbed adrenal fatigue, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) by different doctors along the way. Depression, anxiety, and prolonged anger (which was once my jet fuel) are a thing of the past.
To help me in this work, I received advanced teacher training in Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra (iRest), META energy therapy, and a variety of robustly effective techniques derived from neuro linguistic programming (NLP), timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, law of attraction, and coaching certification programs. This training, as well as the teaching, mentoring, and research skills acquired during my years in science, combine to help me help other people understand and deal with what they are facing. Yet, my most indispensable teacher has probably been my own journey, which helps me to teach people how to apply any or all of these techniques when they are starting from a place of overwhelm or confusion. The best and most empowering healer and teacher is not me, or anyone else, but the teacher within you who knows exactly what you need. No matter where you start, or where you want to go, my passion is in helping you make the internal connections you’re looking for, and maintain them until that becomes second nature.

I’m so glad to be living a life where my insides match my outsides. I used to look calm and collected, optimistic and sunny, and superlatively successful. But, my insides were a hot mess. Now, I actually feel peaceful, optimistic, and authentic. But, you know the best part? The best part is that my worst days now feel better than my best days before, and for me and for you, the best is yet to come!!


YouTube: https://youtu.be/90oC_No8WBI

Audio: https://youtu.be/DcieY8YqJtQ