Global Virtual Summit Day #6 Angela-Rose Mangano

Angela Rose Mangano




I have had a passion to pursue a career in aged and palliative care over the last few years & have been working out which path to take. I felt almost defeated due to lack of support (through concern for my own self-care), self-doubt and opinions of others, however, I know within my own heart space that this is where my calling lies and where I need to be.
My passion coincided with my own family circumstances, with a serious illness of two main family members, compounded with my own grief, dealing with my marriage in turmoil and facing infertility issues. I very much needed some time out to reflect.
I ventured to take a road trip to Adelaide and back, covering 5,000kms, and a few boxes of tissues. I had many conversations with God and the universe along the way and many tears. I had some amazing spiritual epiphanies and reconnected with God. And inherently knew within my heart, that it would be my duty to work in God’s vineyard. (Regardless of the number of times I tried to ignore it!)
Working in palliative care and impacting many people on a large scale is my calling.
My vision is to assist in revolutionizing education & training in palliative care and aged care sector. I am currently in the process of retraining in this area with a background of studies and experience within psychology, counseling and coaching.
Working with facilities as secret services strategist to talk to patients, family members & carers to identify, address and provide solutions in the care sector in areas that are lacking. One of my main objectives is to focus on bringing joy and happiness to the aged and dying. Remembering what happiness is and looking forward to death as opposed to fearing it. I heard a quote recently from David Kessler, death and grieving expert, he said: “Most people spend more time on preparing for a long weekend away on holidays, then they do for their journey of death”. I thought about it and really took it in … and thought: “Yep, guilty!”
This also provoked thoughts of when you are planning to bring a baby into this world; the amount of research, preparation, nesting, nurturing that goes into this process.
Perhaps death and dying should have a similar importance to enhance this just as, if not more important journey.
My goal is to impact 25 million people by the year 2050. This space is a difficult one as often people don’t like to discuss death nor dying. Let alone know what to say to a person who is dying and terrified of death, often avoiding that person in their final, darkest days. Instead of spending time with that person to really make those last moments count and to help them with their journey to know that they are truly loved unconditionally, that they have been an important person to the world, that those left behind will be ok when they leave this earth plane and to give that person permission to cross over to the other “side”, whatever the “other side” is perceived to be.
Death and dying will have an impact on each and every single one of us. There is no escape, no matter how hard we try to run and hide, we will all each have our own individual death experience and ultimately our physical bodies will all reach the same, inevitable D-day!
The fact that we will all die one day. I want to help ease the suffering & pain from a spiritual & emotional perspective. Ultimately I wish to assist people in helping them to be aware of their spirit & to help their spirit pass over more peacefully and to provide support for every religious denomination and those whom may not have a belief.
To assist aged care and palliative care facilities via visiting as a discrete third-party consultant focusing on patient care. Review checklists on quality and effectiveness of care, surroundings, and ambiance.
Provide feedback and offer strategies to improve services to internal and external clients: being elderly and palliative care patients with an equal focus on carers and family members. Provision of education, workshops and focus on enhancing the patient experience. And also enhancing support to carers and family members. Creating a support system so people may talk to others in a similar situation.
Workshops to anticipate, meet and exceed expectations. Focus on bringing some sense of joy and fun to the dying, as opposed to misery, grief, and fear.
Enhance the journey of death to a greater understanding of self, provide grief and trauma support and to assist in self-care practices to bring a greater sense of acceptance and peace to one’s soul on this journey. Dying is inevitable …. dying with peace and joy is optional.
My calling is to make a difference in this space and to impact as many people as I possibly can within Australia and throughout different countries.…