Lynne Sears

My name is Lynne Sears, I live presently in the UK and I work for a charity assisting disabled people to become more independent. In my 20’s I had a mind-boggling, mystical experience in which I became one with all and everything around me. This didn’t make sense and ever since I have devoted my life to the study/practice of almost every spiritual discipline under the sun in order to find a way to operate my daily life, deal with events and experiences and help others whilst remaining authentic to this experience. Until now I haven’t embraced being a therapist. I felt that the better way for me to help anyone was to resolve how and why they are merely mirroring something in myself. I believe that if I succeed in doing this, then I miraculously positively impact those around me and reality as a whole. In a way I have been hiding in the wings, whilst the spiritual self-help movement continues apace, doing my bit, but waiting for a ‘public reveal’ relating to the true nature of reality, and a time that I could then happily play a valuable part in helping others to make sense of and cope with. I dream big. I love it down the rabbit hole and believe we are fast approaching the time when mankind will experience heaven on earth. To connect with Lynne go to