Meet #Day2 Summit Speaker Lindsay Webster

Lindsay Webster
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Lindsay is a transformational coach working with young people and their parents. She does not offer counseling or psychotherapy or rake up the past, instead, she focuses on proactive solutions, quick strategies and positive psychology where children have the central role in solving their own problems by replacing those scary unhelpful emotions with more resourceful ones
Lindsay also works with the parents to help them understand that “All behavior serves a purpose” and we can be a real help to our children when they are undertaking such important learning, one that ensures the good mental health, one that they will need throughout their lives. Parents are encouraged to meet the child’s needs and help problem solve instead of controlling their behavior. Lindsay teaches parents a range of techniques that help meet the chaos with calm and encourage support with problem-solving to build a greater connection to nurture stronger relationships

Experiencing a challenging childhood where she experienced trauma and grew up suppressing her emotions as she was punished when expressing them, Lindsay continued to suffer from ill physical and mental health in her adult years. She crossed paths with some beautiful souls, that guided her to discover she was making myself unwell. She realized she had a choice, she had the resources within to choose how she wanted to feel, react and live life. Living so many years as a victim and suffering as a consequence, Lindsay embraced her journey and saw it as a blessing, preparing her to help free others who are locked in the cycle.

Being a Master NLP Practitioner, Ollie, and his Superpowers NLP Kids coach and certified mindfulness teacher brings the right combination of skills and knowledge to help youngsters who may be struggling in this tough world.
You can connect to Lindsay through the website above.