Summit Speaker Day #11 Peter Hight … All should learn from his wisdom … mentor to the purest and wisest of the world 🌹🌹🌹

Peter Hight



Peter Hight. New Zealand.

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Peter was raised on the slopes of Mount Taranaki in a culture that supported the exploration of the old growth forests, waters and energies of the dormant volcano and their manifestations. Trained in science and laboratories he eventually became a lab manager in the isolated central north island where the forest became once again his teacher. Following the guidance of the trees he became a bespoke furniture maker and returned to Taranaki, renovated two houses in the city then moved to a beach settlement close to the Tasman sea where he still lives exploring the ocean, it’s wisdom and energy. The weaving of destiny has bought many treasures to him including the shamanic drum which is used as a tool of exploration and awareness of his and others realities, dimensions and time continuum.