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Day #12 Marthie Talu – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #12 Marthie Talu 🌹

Marthie Talu



Conscious Living Global introduces Marthie
Marthie Talu has been running her own graphic and web design business called The Communication Bar for the past 5 years. She loves to assist small to medium size businesses with their marketing and public relations requirements allowing them to concentrate on their core business. This includes graphic design, printing, marketing solutions, brainstorming, communication strategies, press release writing and event coordination. She has created and runs a couple of online and offline community groups for small businesses and South African migrants in Qld, Australia. This year she started to teach small business owners the finer points of having a website, empowering them to make informed decisions when creating and upgrading their business website.

Other interests include metaphysics, spiritual and metaphysics, and Marthie has also completed her Grand Master Reiki and loves to share her gift of healing with those who need it. She is married with two children and lives in beautiful South East Queensland, Australia.

Join my online community here: The Small Business Creative.

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Day #11 Peter Hight – NZ CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #11 Peter Hight … All should learn from his wisdom … mentor to the purest and wisest of the world 🌹🌹🌹

Peter Hight



Peter Hight. New Zealand.

Conscious Living Global introduces Peter. You can message Peter through here.
Peter was raised on the slopes of Mount Taranaki in a culture that supported the exploration of the old growth forests, waters and energies of the dormant volcano and their manifestations. Trained in science and laboratories he eventually became a lab manager in the isolated central north island where the forest became once again his teacher. Following the guidance of the trees he became a bespoke furniture maker and returned to Taranaki, renovated two houses in the city then moved to a beach settlement close to the Tasman sea where he still lives exploring the ocean, it’s wisdom and energy. The weaving of destiny has bought many treasures to him including the shamanic drum which is used as a tool of exploration and awareness of his and others realities, dimensions and time continuum.

Day #10 Dr. Krishna Mohan & Sharan Raj in the House – CLG Summit Speakers

Day #10 Summit Speakers Dr. Krishna Mohan and Sharan Raj shining out genius

Dr. Krishna Mohan


Conscious Living Global introduces Dr. Krishna Mohan & Sharan Raj
Dr. Krishna Mohan is a professional Dentist.
Franchisee of SIP Abacus & Brain Gym
Hear Dr. Krishna Mohan and Sharan Raj speak about training around 200 children every week.
Regarding: utilization of Right & Left brain spaces for the Children aged around 6yrs till 13yrs.
He also teaches “Vedic Mathematics”
Between Dr & Sharan they have begun they started a Project regarding “Human Thoughts “

Day #9 Ann Skinner – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker #9 the beautiful Ann Skinner

Ann Skinner



Conscious Living Global Presents – Ann Skinner

Ann Skinner, also known as The Heartworker, is a coach, a doodle artist and the author of the bestselling book The Art of Contribution and a guest author in Thresholds.
All of Ann’s work is inspired by nature and the nature of things and is informed by her three keys to life: to be present, to be curious and to be kind. They have become her guide to living The Heart- worker’s Way and this simple philosophy now underpin all of her work.
Ann’s teachings remind us that our heart connects us to our true nature. From this place, we can access total clarity, spark our innate creativity and connect with our unique calling. The Heartwork- er offers the space to connect to that place.
Ann has worked as an international coach and trainer for over 10 years. She is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, and a CIPD qualified trainer as well as a stu- dent, and practitioner of Ho’oponopono.
Before her work as a coach, Ann enjoyed a full and varied international career in pr, sales, recruit- ment and people development and her adventurous spirit have taken her to many corners of the globe.
Dutch born and bred, Ann grew up in Holland but now lives with her husband and dog in the beau- tiful county of Devon, UK – a place that helped her to remember who she is.

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Day #8 Shani Sutcliffe – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Speaker Day #8 Shani Sutcliffe

Shani Sutcliffe



Conscious Living Global introduces Shani Sutcliffe

Shani is a very strong soul having overcome thyroid cancer and multiple severe traumas in her life and 2 NDEs she is now ready for a journey of service …

As a Reflexologist she is a deep visionary and is able to see much more than just the feet … she sees very deeply what is going on with a person and is a beautiful listening ear for many … outside of this, she is a quiet and soulful activist for change in many areas … dominantly in the now abuse and mid drug usage for depression … a beautiful soul with a deep message and much support, love, and beauty to give to the world

Her link:…

Day #7 Moses and Pastor Paul – CLG Summit Speakers

Global Summit Speaker Day #7 Moses Romaric Koivogui and Pastor Paul Hermann Koyvogui

Moses and Pastor Paul



CLG are excited to introduce “Moses & Pastor Paul.

Sit back and hear these two fine men speak.

Moses Koivogui
He is inTechnical Agentin Trade and Recoveries (commercial technical in recovery) In contract with the agency planet voyage at Teliman Shop.
Moses is also Trained in traditional fine arts


Paul Herman Koïvogui
Pastor Missionary, Trained in Anagkazo bible school. (international mission Jesus who heals)
Paul is also a Teacher

Pastor Paul…

Day #6 Angela Rose Mangano – CLG Summit Speaker

Global Virtual Summit Day #6 Angela-Rose Mangano

Angela Rose Mangano




I have had a passion to pursue a career in aged and palliative care over the last few years & have been working out which path to take. I felt almost defeated due to lack of support (through concern for my own self-care), self-doubt and opinions of others, however, I know within my own heart space that this is where my calling lies and where I need to be.
My passion coincided with my own family circumstances, with a serious illness of two main family members, compounded with my own grief, dealing with my marriage in turmoil and facing infertility issues. I very much needed some time out to reflect.
I ventured to take a road trip to Adelaide and back, covering 5,000kms, and a few boxes of tissues. I had many conversations with God and the universe along the way and many tears. I had some amazing spiritual epiphanies and reconnected with God. And inherently knew within my heart, that it would be my duty to work in God’s vineyard. (Regardless of the number of times I tried to ignore it!)
Working in palliative care and impacting many people on a large scale is my calling.
My vision is to assist in revolutionizing education & training in palliative care and aged care sector. I am currently in the process of retraining in this area with a background of studies and experience within psychology, counseling and coaching.
Working with facilities as secret services strategist to talk to patients, family members & carers to identify, address and provide solutions in the care sector in areas that are lacking. One of my main objectives is to focus on bringing joy and happiness to the aged and dying. Remembering what happiness is and looking forward to death as opposed to fearing it. I heard a quote recently from David Kessler, death and grieving expert, he said: “Most people spend more time on preparing for a long weekend away on holidays, then they do for their journey of death”. I thought about it and really took it in … and thought: “Yep, guilty!”
This also provoked thoughts of when you are planning to bring a baby into this world; the amount of research, preparation, nesting, nurturing that goes into this process.
Perhaps death and dying should have a similar importance to enhance this just as, if not more important journey.
My goal is to impact 25 million people by the year 2050. This space is a difficult one as often people don’t like to discuss death nor dying. Let alone know what to say to a person who is dying and terrified of death, often avoiding that person in their final, darkest days. Instead of spending time with that person to really make those last moments count and to help them with their journey to know that they are truly loved unconditionally, that they have been an important person to the world, that those left behind will be ok when they leave this earth plane and to give that person permission to cross over to the other “side”, whatever the “other side” is perceived to be.
Death and dying will have an impact on each and every single one of us. There is no escape, no matter how hard we try to run and hide, we will all each have our own individual death experience and ultimately our physical bodies will all reach the same, inevitable D-day!
The fact that we will all die one day. I want to help ease the suffering & pain from a spiritual & emotional perspective. Ultimately I wish to assist people in helping them to be aware of their spirit & to help their spirit pass over more peacefully and to provide support for every religious denomination and those whom may not have a belief.
To assist aged care and palliative care facilities via visiting as a discrete third-party consultant focusing on patient care. Review checklists on quality and effectiveness of care, surroundings, and ambiance.
Provide feedback and offer strategies to improve services to internal and external clients: being elderly and palliative care patients with an equal focus on carers and family members. Provision of education, workshops and focus on enhancing the patient experience. And also enhancing support to carers and family members. Creating a support system so people may talk to others in a similar situation.
Workshops to anticipate, meet and exceed expectations. Focus on bringing some sense of joy and fun to the dying, as opposed to misery, grief, and fear.
Enhance the journey of death to a greater understanding of self, provide grief and trauma support and to assist in self-care practices to bring a greater sense of acceptance and peace to one’s soul on this journey. Dying is inevitable …. dying with peace and joy is optional.
My calling is to make a difference in this space and to impact as many people as I possibly can within Australia and throughout different countries.…

Day #4 Liam O’Neill – CLG Summit Speaker Living With Cystic Fibrosis

Summit Speaker Day #4 Liam O’Neill … A Highly recommended watch and listen … a remarkable young man ❤️❤️❤️

Liam O'Neill




Conscious Living Global introduces Liam, from New Zealand, who shares with the listeners on a topic that is not often spoken about publicly.
Liam speaks candidly regarding life living with Cystic Fibrosis. As he says, CF doesn’t affect a persons intelligence or dreams of being the best you can be.
Go to to see Liam there..

Day #3 Coach Susan K Cook – CLG Summit Speaker

Summit Day #3 Meet Coach Susan K Cooke

Coach Susan K Cook




Coach Susan is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach, Transformational Speaker and Teacher using tried and tested methods to help her Clients develop a clear vision for what they would truly love their life to look like, overcoming self-doubt in all four areas of their lives, – health, relationships, business and time and money freedom.
She is referred to by her Clients as the ‘Heart-Centered Change-Agent,’ and can help you transform your Dreams into reality by coaching you with designing a Vision Blueprint specifically created for a life that’s in alignment with the Universe for your Soul’s purpose.
As her Clients unlock more joy and self-worth and confidence through her support and guidance, they become clear on what they want and how to get it.
She is the #1 International Best-Selling Author of the Inspirational and Self-Help Book
“Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
‘Healing the Fear of the Narcissistic Werewolf Through the Magic Power of the Pen’
She was raised and educated in Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa, and has lived and worked in many different African countries and the Indian Ocean Islands of Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles and is currently living in the United Kingdom and Australia.
For over 40 years Coach Susan has worked with people from all walks of life helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.
She has studied various alternative therapies and is a qualified Reiki Master, Integrated Kinesiology and Touch for Health Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy and Mindfulness Coach.
Coach Susan has worked as an Education Consultant to Royalty and the Rich and Famous and has shared the stage with world-renown Teachers and Speakers such as Mary Morrissey.
As a sought-after Heart-Centered Evocative Coach and Professional Speaker, Coach Susan offers inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences Internationally and around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness.
Her formal qualifications are in: Education – Commercial Art – Marketing and Advertising – Art Auctioneer – Journalism.
Coach Susan has a love for the Earth and the preservation of its flora, fauna and animals.
She is passionate about how children are educated and thinks every child has a right to be able to read and have shoes on their feet, and Dreams that one day there will be a Unified World in total Peace and Harmony.

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Day #2 Lindsay Webster CLG Summit Speaker

Meet #Day2 Summit Speaker Lindsay Webster

Lindsay Webster
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Lindsay is a transformational coach working with young people and their parents. She does not offer counseling or psychotherapy or rake up the past, instead, she focuses on proactive solutions, quick strategies and positive psychology where children have the central role in solving their own problems by replacing those scary unhelpful emotions with more resourceful ones
Lindsay also works with the parents to help them understand that “All behavior serves a purpose” and we can be a real help to our children when they are undertaking such important learning, one that ensures the good mental health, one that they will need throughout their lives. Parents are encouraged to meet the child’s needs and help problem solve instead of controlling their behavior. Lindsay teaches parents a range of techniques that help meet the chaos with calm and encourage support with problem-solving to build a greater connection to nurture stronger relationships

Experiencing a challenging childhood where she experienced trauma and grew up suppressing her emotions as she was punished when expressing them, Lindsay continued to suffer from ill physical and mental health in her adult years. She crossed paths with some beautiful souls, that guided her to discover she was making myself unwell. She realized she had a choice, she had the resources within to choose how she wanted to feel, react and live life. Living so many years as a victim and suffering as a consequence, Lindsay embraced her journey and saw it as a blessing, preparing her to help free others who are locked in the cycle.

Being a Master NLP Practitioner, Ollie, and his Superpowers NLP Kids coach and certified mindfulness teacher brings the right combination of skills and knowledge to help youngsters who may be struggling in this tough world.
You can connect to Lindsay through the website above.